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A Closer Look At Maricopa County’s Election Recount


It’s been months since Joe Biden has been sworn into office, yet new developments continue to reveal themselves in swing states like Arizona, as Republicans within Maricopa County have committed to recounting and evaluating every single ballot to ensure the results of the 2020 Presidential Election are valid.

Biden narrowly flipped the state of Arizona into the Democratic column by winning with just over a 10,000 vote advantage. The state was controversially called for Joe Biden early on election night by Fox News, despite the Trump Campaign’s efforts to stop the projection from taking place. As votes continued to come in within the state of Arizona, it looked like a near certainty that Trump would win the state, but he ultimately came up short and Fox News’ projection proved to be accurate after all.  

There are now renewed suspicions that mail-in ballots may have been fraudulently counted in some way, possibly flipping the state to Joe Biden and the Democrats. An audit of the election results in Maricopa County is significant because it could provide new evidence that could have changed the outcome of the election in the state of Arizona. 

It’s also worth noting that if fraud did take place in Arizona, then there would be an increased possibility that fraud took place in other swing states like Georgia and Pennsylvania. Democrats are obviously strongly opposed to the audit, while many Arizona Republicans are in favor of it.

The counting audit for all ballots within Maricopa County will temporarily be put on hold for a few days before continuing later on. Some speculative claims have already been made in regards to voting records being deleted after the conclusion of the 2020 Election in Arizona. New controversies may continue to develop and nobody may ever know for sure if the election results were accurate or fraudulent without some significant changes to voter security and integrity. 

Lots of changes to the American electoral system will likely be apparent in the 2022 mid-terms, especially as Republican legislatures across the country continue to propose and enact stricter voting laws that require additional verification before being eligible to vote. 



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