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President Biden Will Address Congress On April 28th


Joe Biden plans to speak during a joint session of Congress on the 28th of April. This comes only a few hours after Nancy Pelosi invited the 46th President of the United States to do so later this month. The general goal of the address is to allow Biden to discuss his plans going forward into the near future on how he is going to handle several of the controversies and issues that America is facing.

While it’s not clear exactly what Biden may talk about during this address at the end of the month, some advisors within the administration have been hinting that he could outline his plans to continue vaccine rollouts to as many people as possible. He also wants to place a focus on the economic recovery and an infrastructure bill that will cost more than two trillion dollars and raise the corporate tax rate significantly in its current state. 

Biden’s administration may need to shift focus away from the infrastructure bill until they can get moderate democrats like Joe Manchin of West Virginia on-board with minor amendments to the legislation. The big problem is that it isn’t exactly just one or two members that have problems with the extensive increase in the corporate tax rate. There are more than a dozen Democrats that simply do not support a 28-percent corporate tax rate in exchange for an expensive infrastructure bill. As you would expect, not a single Republican has supported the legislation either, especially after the Democrats used an unpopular detour to pass their ‘American Rescue Plan’ without a single Republican vote in the Senate.

Biden has been struggling to handle the border crisis but he may be forced to discuss it in his upcoming address. He will likely present new ideas on how to address the issues at the border and his administration recently pivoted on the idea of stopping further production of the wall that Donald Trump supported. He is now expected to support the continued manufacturing of certain segments of the border wall that are not yet finished. Even Donald Trump spoke to various media sources and praised the decision from the Biden Administration to finish the wall as intended by the 45th President of the United States.

The joint congress address is approximately two weeks away and Biden and his administration will have plenty of time to plan out the priorities for the speech. We are approaching Biden’s 100th day in office within three weeks and he hasn’t been seen in public very often during his first 100 days. The joint congress address will be just another rare opportunity to see the 46th President and hear from him directly. 



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