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Terms of Service

Opening Statement

Thank you for your interest in Trendr. We are excited to support you and look forward to many interactions. Use of Trendr is governed by our Terms and Conditions and the continuation of your visit signifies you have read and understand them. We update the Terms and Conditions from time to time, without notice, and therefore encourage you to revisit them regularly.


Reference to the privacy policy

Given the growing concern for Privacy in the digital domain, we are happy to share our Privacy Policy. Within the policy you will learn about how we manage and protect personal information for adults and for minors (COPPA). However, Trendr is not intended to address audiences under 13 years of age so we encourage you to alert us if you believe any private information of a minor may have been collected inadvertently.


Content is free for users

It continues to be our vision to provide users with information free of charge. In order to create that reality, Trendr will present advertising content on a regular basis that allows us to continue the model as is.



Trendr exchanges information in order to produce advertising revenue. No other uses of the website and content are endorsed or allowed.


Third party content, referrals/redirection to third parties

Trendr includes content provided by other parties as well as links to their websites. We do not perform due diligence on content presented through Trendr nor do we provide any assurances relative to the safety, security, accuracy or other factors.


Restricted information types: No financial information is crossing the website

Financial data is not requested or used by Trendr during any interactions.


Copyright statement & notes related to copyright infringement

© 2022 Trendr. All Rights Reserved.

Use of trademarks, logos, images, graphics, designs and other content is strictly forbidden as they are the sole property of Trendr.


Intellectual Property (IP)

Individuals or organizations that display or use the content of Trendr are at risk for prosecution.


Not an e-commerce website

There are no permitted eCommerce uses of Trendr by design. No users, 3rd parties or other organizations may attempt to conduct E-commerce transactions.


Children’s Privacy: not designed for use by children.

It is understood that any users of Trendr meet the legal age requirement (13 years of age) before sharing any personal information about themselves. Trendr has no intent to collect data from anyone below the legal age and will not knowingly do so.


Intended audience: US Only

Trendr was designed and delivered with the intent of supporting users in the United States only.


Contact Us

Communication and feedback are critical to our ability to react, improve and address opportunities to deliver the best possible service to our users. You are encouraged to share comments, feedback and/or other material at [email protected].


Prohibited activities

Under no circumstances are visitors to Trendr allowed to execute any attempts to damage the services, technologies, security and other properties that operate and protect the website. Further, visitors are prohibited from any activities the cause hard to other users by attempting to fraudulently obtain personal information, change content, embedded predatory technologies (malware, viruses, etc.) or engage in any other conduct that may cause damage to Trendr, other visitors or Trendr


Termination clause: Sole discretion for user removal for any reason

Trendr may, at its sole discretion, terminate the ability for any individual to access and/or interact with Trendr. Visitors have no direct or inferred rights to access


Audience and Governing Law

Trendr was designed, and is operated, for the benefit of individuals living in the United States and adheres to US based laws and regulations.

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