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California Set To Completely Open On June 15th


California’s citizens are preparing for the day where they will be granted the right to completely resume their normal lives, as they existed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that social distancing requirements will be eliminated and capacity limitations will be virtually removed completely.

In terms of requiring masks, well it’s going to depend on what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend for specific venues and events. This means that most cafes, restaurants, and other similar establishments will resume their normal operating procedures and face no restrictions due to COVID-19. 

It’s important to note that many jobs are likely to open up in the months ahead because removing these COVID-19 regulations are going to force companies to hire more workers for the increased demand within the state. The only problem is that many people are currently on unemployment benefits, which don’t conclude until the first week of September in 2021. Many people receiving these benefits are currently unable to find a job and that means that these new job openings may provide some relief for these individuals. 

California has taken a sharply different path than several other populous states, including Florida. Governor DeSantis is currently seeing his approval ratings skyrocket for opening his state and allowing his citizens to have the freedom to conduct their traditional daily activities for most of the pandemic. On the other side of the spectrum, California has forced its citizens and business owners to stay at home, instead of going to work. There have been mask mandates, stay at home orders, and several other decisions from Gavin Newsom that have led to the possibility of his own recall during the pandemic. 

Millions of California’s citizens have signed the recall petition to remove Newsom from office, specifically due to his poor handling of the coronavirus pandemic. With California reopening within weeks, it’s unclear if this decision will have any impact on Newsom’s approval ratings as California inches closer to a recall election. 



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