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Businesses Make Their Own Policies as Mask Rules Change

Now that the CDC has issued a new mask guidance for the United States, both small and large businesses are left to make their own policies on whether they should require vaccinated customers to wear masks while at their business. Last Thursday, the CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky announced that vaccinated adults no longer have to wear masks indoors or outdoors. Vaccinated adults also no longer have to social distance, and instead can congregate maskless with groups small and large.

Local businesses and larger corporations are now having to decide whether to fluctuate their own mask policies according to this new CDC recommendation, or to keep their former mask policies in place. 

Starbucks has already changed their own mask policy. Now, vaccinated customers can enter any Starbucks and not wear a mask, if they choose not to. Walmart, Sam’s Club, Trader Joe’s, and Costco have also followed these latest CDC guidelines and announced that their vaccinated customers will not be required to wear a mask while shopping at their stores. 

While the CDC’s guidelines inform vaccinated adults that they no longer have to wear a mask or social distance, individual businesses may decide themselves what they will ask their customers to do. Will they change their mask policy to allow vaccinated customers to not wear a mask while inside their store? Or will their mask policies stay the same? 

These fluctuating mask policies mark a new step in the United States’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As many businesses work to bring in more vaccinated customers this summer, there is the hope for many that this summer will bring in more business than 2020’s summer, where many businesses were hindered by the pandemic. 

As more Americans are now vaccinated, many analysts have high hopes that this summer — and the rest of the year — will be better for all types of businesses, small or large. The CDC’s latest recommendation may help fuel more customers going to local businesses, which have been hurt by the pandemic nationwide. As large corporations begin publicly changing their policies, it appears local businesses will soon follow, if they haven’t already.

Many businesses have already stated that they will allow vaccinated adults to not wear masks while on their property. Most have stated that they will not ask if they’re vaccinated or to see their vaccination card. Instead, they will abide by an honor system and assume that those not wearing masks in their stores are fully vaccinated. 

Vaccinated adults still must wear masks while on any form of public transportation (per the CDC’s guidance). All adults, vaccinated or not, must also continue wearing masks while in any health care setting. 

Counties, cities, and states where mask laws are still in place also may require vaccinated adults to continue wearing masks and social distancing when out in public, as well. However, now that the CDC has issued this new guidance, cities and states may soon follow suit and change their laws to reflect the CDC’s recommendation. 

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