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CDC Says That Vaccinated Individuals Don’t Need To Wear Masks Anymore


Millions of American citizens have been relying on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to guide them through the pandemic with advice on wearing masks to give them the best chance of avoiding the coronavirus.

The entire pandemic worsened in March of 2020 and guidance from the CDC was regularly distributed until now. Joe Biden praised the fresh CDC announcement and expressed positive remarks about the future of the country as it tries to escape the effects of the pandemic.

The core of the announcement focused on the concept of vaccinated individuals not being required to wear masks any longer. The CDC has stated with this announcement that anyone who has received a vaccine, can basically return to their normal activities without worrying about social distancing or the idea of wearing a mask in public.

This is a significant announcement that was echoed by Biden’s administration all day long on Thursday in the hours following the CDC announcement. It’s currently unclear what this means for individuals who are not willing to take the coronavirus vaccine. Will the CDC ever recommend that unvaccinated individuals remove their masks? Nobody really knows at this point but there’s a good chance that the CDC will continue to recommend major restrictions to anyone who is not vaccinated.

According to some sources from within Joe Biden’s administration, the sudden announcement was sort of unexpected in some ways. It was a welcome surprise though, as many vaccinated individuals have been hoping that future guidance suggests that they can proceed with their normal lives without having to ever worry about social distancing again. 

The tougher part of the equation will relate to how the Biden administration treats unvaccinated individuals. Will they be restricted in some way if they refuse to get the vaccine? Nobody really knows for sure at this point, but the concept of requiring masks or social distancing amongst unvaccinated individuals may be unconstitutional once the major effects of ths pandemic come to a permanent end.


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