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Vanessa Bryant Dropped Oldest Daughter Natalia Off at USC for her Freshman Year of College


The oldest daughter of Kobe and Vanessa Bryant, Natalia, is all grown up and off to college. Yesterday, Vanessa and the two youngest daughters, Bianka and Capri, dropped Natalia off at USC for her first year of school.

Vanessa shared a lovely moment of the whole family sporting USC attire right before they dropped Natalia off. She captioned the photo “Today was rough.”

She continued on in the caption, “This was before the tears came down. Missing (2) forever. I love you @nataliabryant BE EPIC and FIGHT ON.”

While dropping a child off to college is always a bittersweet moment, it is especially difficult for the Bryants due to the fact they are missing two family members as Vanessa addressed in her Instagram caption.

The Bryants have always been a tight knit family with major love for one another. However, since the tragic loss of Kobe and Gigi Bryant, the family has been understandably inseparable.

So sending off the oldest daughter, who was by her mothers side through the entirety of the hardest parts of their lives, was a hard goodbye, but Vanessa Bryant makes it a point to always show Natalia how proud she is of her. 

Once accepted to USC, Vanessa took to Instagram with a video and captioned it, “Tears of joy, I’m SO happy for you Nani! I know Daddy is so PROUD OF YOU. I am so PROUD OF YOU!! Your hard work and dedication was so worth it. You pushed through the most excruciating pain imaginable, and you succeeded. I wish Daddy and [your late sister], Gigi, were physically here to celebrate but I know they’re here in spirit. We love you so much.”

The best part is, Natalia isn’t too far from home, sticking to her Cali roots by selecting USC.

During early admission, Natalia was considering NYU, but ultimately decided not to apply. Vanessa jokingly wrote on social media, “I will do my best to keep her in Cali just like I kept her daddy here. #CaliGirlForever.”

While dropping Natalia off, Vanessa also shared another sweet sentiment on her Instagram. She shared a beautiful picture of her and her oldest daughter hugging and kissing one another on the cheek. You can see Natalia Bryant smiling as the two hug. It was a bittersweet day for all.


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