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Voting Has Started In California’s 2021 Recall Election


Ballots are officially being sent out to millions of Californians who are eligible to vote in the upcoming recall election that is scheduled for September 14th. Mail-in voting has started as citizens cast their votes and send in their ballots.

The recall election has two major questions on the ballot. The first question simply asks a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question on whether to remove the current governor from office. Gavin Newsom is currently faced with a tight race within the margin of error as Republican Larry Elder surges in the polls against a wide field of candidates. 

The factors that play into the recall election include low turnout in a non-traditional election year. You also have the genuine anger from Californian citizens who are fed up with the hypocrisy  and failing policies coming from Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom. 

Republicans appear to be heavily motivated and could turn out in record numbers to recall Gavin Newsom from office. If turnout remains low as it is expected to be and Republicans turn out in higher percentages than Democrats, then you could see the first Republican Governor of California since 2011. 

Most polls that have recently been released show an even race, although some even suggest that a larger percentage of voters may be interested in recalling Newsom from office. Citizens in California appear to be tired of business lockdowns and COVID-19 mandates. With new restrictions likely on the horizon, many citizens are going against their own designated party affiliation and voting to recall Gavin Newsom. The results will officially be in on September 14th as a long period of early-voting and in-person voting will begin in the coming days.


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