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Travis Barker Gave Penelope the Perfect Gift for her Birthday


Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian have shown the world they are in love; from their PDA packed pictures to Travis letting Kourtney tattoo her name on his body. However, they have also proven they deeply care about each other’s family as well.

Kourtney’s daughter, Penelope, just turned 9. For her birthday, Travis Barker got her the perfect, most on brand gift imaginable. Proving that you can start your music career at any age.

Barker got Peneolope a customized drum set for her birthday. How cute is that? The drum set has Penolopes name written in script right in the front of it and perfectly matches her fuzzy pink carpet.

The sweetest part about the gift is that since Barker is a professional drummer himself, he seems to plan to teach Penelope how to play the drums. In photos and videos posted to Kourtney’s Instagram story, you can see Barker instructing Penelope on how to play.

In the video Kourtney posted, you can see Travis telling Penelope when to hit the drums and how to stay on beat, while he helps her out by tapping on the cymbal as they play along.

While Penelope may have a lot of learning left to do, it appears Travis is going to be there to help along the way. And who better to have as a teacher than one of the best drum players in the world?

Kourtney also made a separate post of just Penelope for her birthday, which also featured the brand new drum set in it. There were three separate images of Penelope posing behind the drum set holding her pink drumsticks.

Kourtney captioned her Instagram post, “My birthday girl! My favorite girl in the entire world. I am so happy and proud to be your mommy. I can not believe that you are 9. My life is sooooo much better because of you.”

Penelope may be a little rock star in the making thanks to Travis, but she isn’t the only one who has been getting into music ever since he has come along. Recently, Travis’s daughter shared a sweet moment of Kourtney playing the piano with Travis.

Kourtney has definitely tapped into her musical side ever since dating Travis and now it seems her daughter Penelope wants to follow in his footsteps as well.

Ever since Kourtney and Travis got together, Kourtney has seemed blissful. The two seem to bring out an amazing side of one another and it is very sweet that they are invested in each other’s children as well.

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