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Trump Files Lawsuit Against Social Media Platforms In Motion To Combat Social Media Censorship


President Trump has announced a fresh class action lawsuit against three social media giants that have been using censorship to their advantage to influence politics on their respective platforms. In these class action lawsuits against Google, Twitter, and Facebook, former President Trump is trying to have the censorship against his persona reversed after being shut down from all of the platforms in some way, shape, or form. 

President Trump announced the lawsuits from his golf club in Bedminster. He believes that the lawsuits will highlight a violation of the first amendment. Trump has also continued to call for striking down Section 230, a specific provision that protects social media companies from having liability in some cases.

Trump discussed several key goals of the class action lawsuits, but ultimately wants to go after the social media platforms to have the censorship against him and his supporters reversed.

It’s currently unclear what will come of the lawsuits, if anything at all. It’s highly unlikely that anything significant will be announced in regards to this filing in the near future, although there’s always the chance that something unexpected can happen, just like how his political career started when he announced he was running for President, and then how he went on to actually win the presidency.

Trump previously discussed the possibility of launching his own social media platform where censorship won’t be a factor. Whether these lawsuits will have any impact on any further announcements regarding that piece of news is not clear either.



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