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The Power Of Self Reflection


Self reflection is a powerful habit. 

It could also definitely be said that most humans don’t engage it enough.

To a point, humans tend to suffer from a lack of introspection. 

But this isn’t altogether surprising. 

See, for literally thousands of years, humans have been tasked with surviving and evolving based on immediate needs.

Because of this, we tend to be highly emotional and desire-based creatures. 

For example, we get thirsty. 

So we immediately desire water. 

We get hungry, so we immediately desire food. 

We get lonely, so we immediately desire companionship. 

These are all very understandable things, and they’re all essential for our survival. 

However, it’s also true that there’s a value to be found in looking within and being willing to reflect on not only your emotions, but also your experiences in life and how you’re interfacing with the other elements of it.

It’s quite possible that religion found its earliest origins in the human search for this kind of introspection.

Humans are nothing if not intelligent. 

And there have been many humans, even in our briefly recorded modern history, who understood that we, as a species, have a lot to gain from looking within—asking ourselves difficult questions, and trying to become better tomorrow than we were today.

However, even though philosophers, religious leaders, and gurus have written about the importance of self-reflection for thousands of years now, the average human today has a difficult time with it. 


Because self-reflection is admittedly difficult. 

But it’s also extremely powerful

Why Should You Be Self-Reflective?

The most important thing that self-reflection helps you to do is that it helps you to figure out the reason and purpose for your existence

It helps you to figure out what your goals are, and empowers you to make a plan to achieve those goals

It helps you to figure out what you care about, and what’s relevant to you so that you’ll know how to prioritize and organize your life, to give you your best odds for success. 

And it’s vitally important for health and wellness because without self-reflection, you won’t be able to see the truly fundamental purpose behind taking care of your body, staying emotionally healthy, cultivating good relationships, getting exercise, eating good foods, getting enough sleep, etc. 

A Beginner’s Guide To Getting Started With Self Reflection

If you struggle with self inflection or feel that you don’t do enough of it, a great way to start is to spend some time every day in a meditative exercise where you just talk to yourself.

Ask yourself questions, like: 

  • How are you doing today? 
  • How are you feeling today? 
  • What’s on your mind today? 

Then, answer the question, ask follow-up questions, and continue down the rabbit hole until you learn something new about yourself. 

This is a very basic self-reflection practice. 

However, it’s incredibly powerful. 

On the search to continually be more healthy and to cultivate better overall life wellness, self inflection is a tool that you really can’t afford to ignore. 

It truly matters, and it makes life better.


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