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What Is Comprehensive Masculinity?

Not long ago, a man named Jason Wilson appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast.

Jason Wilson is a martial arts instructor whose purpose is “to teach, train, and transform uninitiated boys into comprehensive men of the Most High… Men who are physically conscious, mentally astute and spiritually strong enough to navigate through the pressures of this world without succumbing to their negative emotions.”

Jason Wilson draws a distinction between masculine behaviors that are ‘simply masculine,’ and behaviors that are considered ‘comprehensive.’

In listening to him discuss these issues with Joe Rogan, it became evident that there were some very positive and healthy aspects to his training program. 

Here are a few takeaways that are interesting to note.

First of all, Jason Wilson is an expert in emotional stability training. 

But this article isn’t necessarily a deep dive into Mr. Jason Wilson’s specific techniques or philosophies.

These are simply some observations that came about as a result of listening to him talk about his programs on the Joe Rogan podcast.

To gain a better understanding of everything he teaches, you should listen to the podcast episode and do a bit of research about him.

But, with that being said, it sounds like he’s battling against a version of masculinity that isn’t serving boys and men very well… and is using his talents and gifts to help boys to express themselves in a way that’s healthier, braver, and less volatile.

He talks about the importance of men becoming comprehensive men, and not just purely masculine.

There’s a lot of truth to this philosophy. It’s true that in our society, there has been a lot of discussion about what the healthy direction should be for masculinity. 

This is especially true in a world where single-parent homes and fatherless homes are becoming more and more prevalent.

When children don’t have a positive, strong, empathetic, loving, masculine role model, it becomes a challenge for them to develop and express themselves in a comprehensive fashion. 

This is especially true of young boys who are striving to learn how to process their masculine temperament and emotions in a positive way. 

It isn’t easy to be a man in this world. 

But giving men and boys a safe space, where they can be human, have feelings, and talk about their emotions is important. 

Of course, this isn’t to say that men should be acting weekly, or even acting more feminine. 

The point is to engage masculinity in a healthy and comprehensive manner that will allow men and boys to have a more well-developed temperament—which they can use to navigate the world, find success, integrate into the community, and express themselves in a healthy way. 

This idea of ‘comprehensive masculinity’ sounds very positive and healthy. 

And it seems to be creating a great deal of positive change. 

Let’s hope that more men in our culture can learn from men like Jason Wilson, and get more in tune with how to live a life characterized by healthy emotions and a willingness to balance strong masculinity with vulnerable empathy, kindness, and healthy expression of emotion. 



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