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Taylor Swift Joins TikTok


Taylor Swift has finally crossed over to the dark side and decided to make a TikTok account. Of course after posting her first TikTok, announcing she now has an account on the platform, Swifties went wild.

Swift posted her first TikTok, promoting her recent album releases along with her upcoming re-recorded album, Red, which will be released in November. Her TikTok was intended to let fans know that the vinyl edition of her upcoming re-recorded album is now available for presale. 

The TikTok was a video of her transitioning through all of her recent eras, up until the new one that is coming out in November. It started with Folklore, moved to Evermore, then Fearless (Taylor’s version), and ended with Red (Taylors Version).

She captioned her TikTok “Lots going on at the moment: Red (my version) vinyl is up for presale on my site and oh I’m on tiktok now let the games begin. #SwiftTok.”

She ended her TikTok with the famous “SwiftTok” hashtag that has been swirling around TikTok between fans. Swifties have started using TikTok as a way to share their love for Taylor Swift, making TikToks about her music, fan theories, and more. All using the caption #SwiftTok, to make sure their videos about the star get to all the other Swifties.

While Taylor Swift may be new to TikTok, she still knows what the trend is and what side of TikTok to get on by using the “SwiftTok” hashtag. Almost as if she has watched her fans TikToks before. 

Swift’s break out on the platform did not fall short, as she racked up many likes along with followers. It’s not hard to gain likes and followers though when you are a beloved songwriter/artist like Taylor. All she had to do was create the video, and watch the numbers rise after posting. 

It didn’t take long for the word to get out that Taylor was on TikTok. She gained over 10 million views on her first video, 1.8 million likes, and 1.7 million followers. 

One thing you can say about Swifties is that they are dedicated and also quick on the internet to hype up Taylor Swift. Also, they need to always be in the loop because Taylor Swift loves to send secret messages for them to decode about upcoming announcements, so they need to make sure all of their bases are covered and that she is followed on every platform.


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