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Kathy Hochul Sworn In As Governor of New York

It’s been 14 days since Andrew Cuomo resigned from the position of New York Governor. That position has been handed off to Kathy Hochul, who has now been sworn in as the new Governor of New York. The transition will take place seamlessly and Hochul will now serve as the first female to ever serve as the Governor of New York.

With Kathy Hochul taking over, Andrew Cuomo is now making plans for his own future. He recently filed for retirement benefits that could include an annual benefit of $50,000 per year. He is expected to start receiving his retirement benefits in September. 

Cuomo’s scandals will likely be a thing of the past with Kathy Hochul now in office. Her agenda will likely remain similar to that of Cuomo’s, although she may not have to worry about political scandals popping up every other week. 

Her first task will be to ensure that all of New York’s citizens are safe from the effects of Hurricane Henri which viciously came through the Eastern regions of New York on Sunday and Monday before veering further north into Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.  

After being sworn in at the State Capital Building at midnight, Hochul was scheduled to hold a televised address to the citizens of her state later that day. 


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