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Simone Biles Wins Bronze in Her Olympic Return


Last week, Simone Biles withdrew from the Olympics after her vault performance. This came as a shock to the world since she was the unanimous favorite to win gold. However, SImone Biles revealed it was to protect her mental and physical health. 

Biles reported that she got a case of the twisties while performing. The twisties is a scary sensation that gymnasts get mid air where they can not determine where they are. This can affect their landing and lead to major injury. 

Simone Biles was also put under a tremendous amount of pressure at this Olympic games. While people say that’s just a part of being on the Olympic team, she unfortunately experienced more pressure than anyone. 

The world expects Biles to be the best (which she is), but then she has to go and compete in a competition where she is being scored less than she deserves. The Olympics ruled before the games that Biles will not be scored full points for her performances in order to avoid other competitors attempting her stunts to match her because it could cause major injury to them.

Despite being ruled unfairly, Biles still went out there and performed. She didn’t complain and she still went out and gave it her all. However, after her first competition, she realized that her mind and body were simply not in sync. 

Simone said that she had to prioritize her mental and physical health above anything else. She said that her health is worth more to her than any medal she could receive. Biles withdrew from the Olympics and cheered on her teammates as they continued to do the job and win for the team.

However, after a week of competition and sitting on the sidelines, Biles was able to make her return to the Olympics for one last competition, the balance beam. Biles was heavily evaluated and monitored to make sure she was able to return.

Once she was cleared to do so, Biles made her return. After her performance on the balance beam, she went home with a bronze medal. Biles said she wasn’t even expecting to win and was going out there to just perform and do what she loves. Winning any medal at the Olympics is a major achievement. 

Biles has proven that she is a force to be reckoned with. It takes courage to withdraw from something as major as the Olympics, the biggest stage in the world. But, she knew that her mind was not in sync with her body and wasn’t willing to compromise her health. That’s real strength. Also to stand there and support your team and even step back out for one last competition, Simone Biles has proven she is a class act.


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