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Disney & Walmart Will Mandate Vaccines For Most Employees


In a controversial move, Disney and Walmart have announced that most employees will be required to get vaccinated in the near future in order to continue working in their current positions. 

Disney is focusing on getting all of its employees that are not currently represented by the union to get vaccinated within two months. The possibility of expanding the mandate to union workers is sufficient as well, but those workers will not be required to get the vaccine, at least for now. 

Walmart has taken a slightly different approach, forcing only its corporate employees within the United States to get the vaccine. The deadline set in place for this mandate is October 4th, according to Walmart’s CEO, Doug McMillon.

The controversial idea of forcing employees to get a vaccine has faced backlash and will likely continue to do so as millions of Americans remain unvaccinated for several reasons. Some citizens simply don’t believe in the vaccine and have their personal reasons for not getting it, while others are hesitant because the vaccines are only marked for ‘emergency use’ and have not received full approval. 

Either way, there’s still a ton of speculation across the nation if forcing large groups of people to get the vaccine is the appropriate course of action, especially since experts are now looking at the possibility of vaccinated individuals losing the immunity that may be provided in the vaccines, due to what scientists call the ‘delta variant’ .  


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