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Selena Gomez Turns 29 and Celebrates with Close Friends


On July 22nd, Selena Gomez turned 29. She didn’t want an extravagant birthday bash for her birthday, but instead preferred a BBQ at her house with her closest friends and a few family members.

Selena Gomez kept her birthday this year very low key as she had people who are very close to her come over for a fun day by the pool. According to sources, Selena rented a water slide and everyone there was having a blast using it and jumping in the pool together. 

Selena also decorated for her birthday bash. She had a bunch of pool floats and also balloons that had quirky sayings on them for her 29th. One of the balloons said, “Selena so fine”, while the others were simple, “29” and “HBD” balloons.

Selena proves time and time again that she doesn’t need much to make her happy, just her close friends and family. This 29th birthday was a perfect example of that, as according to sources she had a smile on her face the entire time and kept thanking everyone because she was so grateful.

Some of her closest friends, Paige Reed and Theresa Marie Mingus, were of course there to celebrate Selena’s last years in her twenties. Paige shared to Instagram a photo of the three best friends enjoying the day. 

Selena quickly commented on the post showing her gratitude towards her friends. She wrote, “Thank you for all of the birthday love already.” She continued to praise her girls for making her day special, “You guys are the best!”

While Selena had a fun BBQ with friends and family for her 29th birthday, she did not forget to make a TikTok for the day. Selena Gomez is quickly becoming the new TikTok queen by posting more frequently and sharing funny and relatable content.

Her special birthday TikTok was a video of her singing along with a friend in the car to a birthday anthem. Selena has braids in her hair and has glammed out makeup on looking as beautiful as ever for her 29th birthday.

She captioned her TikTok, “I’m 29. Weird.” It feels weird indeed, as most of her fans on TikTok feel like they were just watching  her on Disney Channel. Fans got to watch Selena Gomez grow throughout her teens and her twenties and watch her ups and downs along the way.

Fans on TikTok flooded her video with birthday love. Everyone wished her a happy 29th birthday and others even commented, “wasn’t she just 24?”

Time really does fly and even Selena Gomez recognizes that as she says her being 29 is weird. Despite her maybe not feeling her age, she had a great lowkey birthday by the pool with close friends and family. 


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