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Gun Violence At Record Highs In America’s Inner Cities


As ongoing violence plagues some of America’s most populous cities, millions are wondering if living in the city provides you with the best quality of life. Gun violence has been surging across the United States in cities like Chicago, Portland, and Los Angeles.

Crime rates have been skyrocketing and last year was by far one of the worst years for gun violence in decades. Things are not getting better in 2021 as Biden’s administration assumed office. Law enforcement departments across the nation are being tasked with handling the unexpected increase in crime, which is having its own side effects and consequences. 

Biden’s administration has already tossed around the idea of taking guns away from law-abiding citizens, but it is clear that this type of move is going to have little impact in stopping criminals who illegally obtain a gun. 

Mental health programs, increased background checks, and better training for law enforcement departments across the nation are just a few of the common-sense proposals that could have a major impact on reducing violence in some of the regions that are experiencing the worst crime rates right now.

Addressing the increase in crime was a priority for former President Trump’s administration, as he continuously campaigned and warned against the dangers of a Biden administration and how his party’s policies could spread the crime from inner cities into the suburbs as well. Only time will tell if the cities that are impacted by increased crime rates will ever be able to recover from this horrendous situation. 


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