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LeBron James Hits Red Carpet with his Family, Among Other Stars, for Space Jam: A New Legacy Premiere


LeBron James is the star of Space Jame: A New Legacy. This movie is a new take on the original Space Jam from 1996 which starred Micahel Jordan. Now, James has big shoes to fill as the next basketball star to enter the Looney Toons world.

The new movie will be released to the public on July 16th, but the red carpet premiere of the movie was last night. LeBron James walked the red carpet with his family by his side. His wife, Savannah, and his adorable 6 year old daughter, Zhuri, smiled and posed for pictures alongside James. 

His wife Savannah looked stunning in a bright green dress and beautiful green heels to match. His daughter Shuri looked adorable as ever in a floral dress and cute sandals. 

The family stood and smiled for a handful of photos on the red carpet, eagerly anticipating James’ time to shine on the big screen. 

James and his family weren’t the only stars to make an appearance last night. Zendaya, John Legend, Don Cheadle, and more were there for the premiere of the new take on the classic movie.

LeBron James has mentioned he is a little nervous following in the footsteps of Michael Jordan for this movie. When the original Space Jam came out in 1996, there was nothing like it. That movie is forever a classic, so taking a new angle on it over 20 years later may seem a little risky, but there is no one better suited for the job than LeBron.

Not only was Michael Jordan the original star of Space Jam, but he is also often recognized as the best basketball player ever. It’s understandable that LeBron James imay feel a little pressure holding up to this legacy, but he can hold his own.

James is also in the conversation a lot for being one of the best basketball players of all time. So, even though Jordan may not be there to get Bugs Bunny out of his dilemma this time, James is just as reliable to do so.

James isn’t new to the world of movies or television as he has made his fair share of appearances. However, he has never been the star of a movie nor has he had co-stars amongst the Looney Toons squad, so this time may be a little bit of an adjustment. 

Rumor has it that LeBron did a great job acting wise in the new movie just like Jordan did 25 years ago, but we will get to see that for ourselves on July 16th when Space Jam: A New Legacy comes out in theaters.



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