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Newsom Loses Legal Battle Relating to Party Preference on Recall Ballot


A major piece of news was announced relating to the recall election of Gavin Newsom today, as a California judge has ruled that Governor Newsom’s party preference cannot be listed on the ballot due to an error in paperwork that was not corrected before a deadline.

Newsom’s own law prevents him from being able to fix this error after the fact and will ultimately prevent him from being listed as a Democrat on the recall ballot. This could be a major factor on September 14th when his recall election is scheduled to take place, although it’s unclear what turnout will be like for this special election. 

This was a major blow to Newsom’s election campaign as he continues to do everything in his power to cling on to his governorship in a state that voted in favor of the Democrats by more than five million people in the 2020 Presidential Election.

Newsom’s approval ratings have been all over the place since the pandemic started, recently climbing after an initial dive when he was seen dining inside at a fancy restaurant in Northern California. He’s also been criticized for his actions to lockdown citizens and prevent small businesses from opening their doors for much longer than necessary. 

In recent weeks, he’s taken actions to try and improve his approval ratings but Republicans in the state are already energized to remove him from office on September 14th. It’s currently unclear if the Democrats are energized to get out and defend Newsom to prevent him from being recalled.


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