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Kanye West Returns to Instagram Days Before New Album Release


Kanye West is dropping an album and it is rumored to be released this Friday, July 23rd. Upon his new upcoming album, Donda, Kanye made a return to Instagram after being inactive for a significant amount of time.

West has not had his Instagram active for years now. However, it is not uncommon for him to delete his social media pages and then later become active again. This time though, he had gone MIA for quite a while, but has finally returned after his years long hiatus.

Kanye made his triumphant return to Instagram days before his album is set to be released. His first post back was a handful of images of him fashionably wearing chains around his neck that had each one of his children’s names on them (North, Chicago, Saint, and Psalm.)

His returning post was not accompanied by a caption, which also isn’t unusual for Kanye. A few hours later he created another post for his page; A Beats ad that soundtracked one of his new songs, “No Child Left Behind.” This post had no caption as well.

The Beats ad that Kanye’s new song is in the background of features Sha’Carri Richardson, America’s fastest woman. Recently, Sha’Carri was suspended and therefore unable to run at the 2021 Summer Olympics due to a failed drug test from cannabis. 

Sha’Carri’s suspension from the Olympics had America in an uproar as many people felt it was unfair. Cannabis is not a performance enhancing drug and is legal in most states and the state that she was in. The verdict didn’t change despite the peoples anger and she is now unable to participate in the Olympics despite being the fastest woman in the entire country.

The Beats ad she is now featured in shows her preparing for a sprint and also praying, filmed in slow motion, as Kanye’s new song plays in the background. At the end of the ad, the screen went black and read, “Live your truth.” That message was immediately followed by, “DONDA listening event Livestream on Apple Music Thursday at 8pm ET.”

Kanye is throwing a listening event for his new album Thursday night in Atlanta. The event will be held at the Mercedes-Benz stadium, but can also be streamed on Apple Music for fans and others who will not be able to attend the event in Atlanta.

His 10th studio album, Donda, is named after his late mother. While there haven’t been any singles released from this album and the only sneak peak fans got was from the Beats ad, it is highly anticipated. The album is rumored to be released on Friday, the day after the listening party.


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