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Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tom Brady Visit White House to Celebrate Super Bowl Victory


After an improbable Super Bowl victory for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they had the opportunity to celebrate on Tuesday at the White House with President Joe Biden. The Buccaneers Quarterback, Tom Brady, even had the opportunity to represent the team at the podium and told some jokes to the media. 

Championship teams from many different sports are oftentimes invited to the White House, a long tradition that has spanned Republican and Democratic Presidents for several decades. 

Going into the Super Bowl that took place earlier this year, the Buccaneers were not the favorites against the Kansas City Chiefs, but they ultimately won in decisive fashion by scoring 31 points, while the Chiefs only scored 9.

The celebration at the White House was a symbol that a professional athlete who had previously aligned with President Trump could still put political beliefs aside for a little while to celebrate a sports victory that required the ultimate team effort to achieve. 

One of the meaningful accomplishments that rests with the Buccaneers quarterback is the fact that he has now won the Super Bowl seven times throughout his career. At the conclusion of the media availability, the team presented Joe Biden with his very own Buccaneers NFL Jersey, a gift that serves as a collector’s dream that holds a value that cannot even be described.


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