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Judge Denies Britney Spears’ Request to Remove her Father as her Co-Conservator


On June 23rd, Britney Spears made a statement to the court for the first time about her abusive conservatorship and how she would like for it to come to an end. Yesterday, the judge denied Britney Spears’ request.

This keeping her father, Jamie Spears, as a co-conservator. The judge also appointed financial company Bessemer Trust, as the other co-conservator.

The attempt to remove Britney Spears’ father as a co-conservator has been a fight for a while now. However, this time being denied feels more defeating because it was the first time Britney Spears spoke out herself.

She made a nearly 25 minute long statement last week about her conservatorship, claiming that she is being abused, controlled, and exploited. While a conservatorship is intended to be put into place for a separate party to have control over another person’s financials, Britney says her entire life is being controlled under this conservatorship; all by her father.

From being forced to perform, to not being allowed to see her children and boyfriend, Britney told all in her honest and brave statement. She even says she is not allowed to get married or have children due to the control that is being placed upon her under this conservatorship.

Britney pleaded for her life back and for the judge to remove her father from the conservatorship and hopefully end the conservatorship in general. Nonetheless, the judge denied Britneys request despite her heart wrenching statement.

Apparently the judge isn’t ruling out further petitions for Jamie Spears’ removal or suspension from the conservatorship. But how much more convincing can it get than Britney Spears pleading for the abuse to end.

Britney has been under this conservatorship for nearly 13 years now. Typically, conservatorships are meant to be temporary solutions, in which another party (the conservator) takes over the finances for someone who is not in the right “mental state.”

Most conservatorships don’t even last a year. Britneys has been in place for over a decade. To make it worse, her father, who Britney says abuses her, has been the conservator the entire time, until recently where he was moved to co-conservator.

Britney said back in November 2020 that she is afraid of her father and that as long as he is a part of her conservatorship and in charge of her career, she would refuse to perform again.

Now, with the recent denial of removing her father from the conservatorship, it is most likely that Britney will not have her freedom to do as she wants and will unfortunately have to continue to endure living under her fathers rule.


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