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President Trump Visits Southern Border With Local Republican Leaders


The 45th President of the United States took the opportunity to pay an important visit to the southern border in the state of Texas on Wednesday, hoping to inspire democrats to consider following through on the Trump-era border policies that seemed to work so well during his administration.

There’s no doubt that the border crisis has spiraled out of control under the Biden administration, and a delayed visit from the current Vice President hasn’t seemed to have any positive impact on the crisis.

Trump spent his day talking with local leaders about his border policies and how he recommends that the current administration follows through on similar policies. Governor Abbott of Texas was also present at the event along with several Republicans from congress.

In addition to Trump’s visit to the border wall, he spent time with a news network, holding a town hall event with Governor Abbott. Most of the town hall focused on questions relating to the border wall and immigration. Trump was asked about his own personal political future and also discussed that he’s focused on endorsing candidates for the 2022 midterm elections in an effort to try and win back both chambers of congress.

President Trump also mentioned that he has made up his mind about whether he’d run again in 2024, although he wasn’t prepared to declare what decision he’s personally made. One thing is for sure, if he’s already made a decision whether to run again, it must be pretty decisive one way or another, considering how far away the 2024 Presidential Election is. Based on the current political climate, it seems likely that he would run again to try and secure a separate second-term.


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