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Hilary Duff Jokingly Takes to Instagram Over not Receiving the Lizzie McGuire Themed Colourpop Collection


Hilary Duff has been left perplexed over why other stars are receiving the Lizzie McGuire Colourpop collection from the makeup brand as a gift, but she has not been sent one. I mean, she is the literal Lizzie McGuire, shouldn’t she be first on the list?

Usually, when companies launch a new collection or product, they send PR packages of that product to stars and influencers as a ‘gift’ for them to post on their social media. It gives the company’s product good traction and helps advertise to their target audience. The stars on the receiving end also luck out because they get a brand new product for free. 

However, Hilary Duff is one star who is not indulging in Colourpop’s new collection. The irony of it all is that the new collection is based on Hilary Duff’s fictional character who she brought to life, Lizzie McGuire. If you’re going to send this product to anyone, don’t you think it would be a good idea to send it to Lizzie herself?

Duff started to become confused over the fact she did not receive the collection but saw that other stars were. She took to her Instagram story to vent/ask questions about the situation. While she made the story in good fun and was somewhat joking throughout, she still seriously wants the Lizzie McGuire collection, and can you blame her?

It all started when Game of Thrones star, Sophie Turner, posted a photo on her story of her sparkly new lip gloss with the Lizzie McGuire cartoon on it. Turner then tagged Duff in her Instagram story to show her how cute the lip gloss was.

The next day, Duff responded to the other star’s instagram story with a video, tagging both Turner and Colourpop. Duff said in the video, “So Sophie Turner just tagged me in her Colourpop lip gloss ‘Lizzie McGuire’ post, and I’m just kind of scratching my head, literally.” She continued, “Why didn’t they send me any? Curious. Definitely curious.”

The Instagram video had text on it that read “Hook Lizzie Up ..Would you?” Along with that, the video also included a gif of the cartoon version of Lizzie McGuire. 

It was clear from the video that there was no anger behind it, but there definitely was confusion on Duff’s end. However, fans definitely seemed to have a strong reaction about Duff being excluded from the PR package list. 

On Colourpop’s most recent Instagram, fans started commenting about the situation. One fan wrote, “How y’all gonna make a Lizzie McGuire collection and not send THE Lizzie McGuire any of the items?” The comments continued, all similar to that comment and truly, they aren’t wrong.   

Colourpop has yet to comment on the situation and has been pretty quiet about it all. The product launched all the way back in March, so it may be a little too late to cover their tracks and say it’s still in the mail. We’ll just have to wait and see what Colourpop’s next move is.

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