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What’s The Deal With Cold Showers? Are They Actually Healthy?


Lately, there’s been a lot of ‘hype’ surrounding cold showers. 

But why?

Are they enjoyable? 

Are they healthy? 

Are there some ‘hidden benefits’ that you’ve just never heard about?

Because let’s face it. 

Jumping into water that’s below 70 degrees Fahrenheit (which is technically what makes a cold shower a ‘cold shower’) actually sounds really unpleasant. 

Well, as it turns out, there are quite a few good reasons to try it. 

And in this post, we’re going to share some of the greatest benefits to cold showers. 

Let’s dive in.  

Cold Showers Wake You Up

When we wake up in the morning, our body is often tired and sluggish. It needs to get going for the day, but this can be easier said than done on some mornings. 

When energy levels are low, it can even seem difficult to open our eyes and keep them open

An easy way of fighting this feeling is with a cold shower.

Cold Showers Increase Circulation

Exposing our bodies to cold water doesn’t always feel really great at first. 

But you also can’t deny that it’s an invigorating experience!

When water that’s colder than the body comes into contact with it, the body needs to work harder to maintain its core temperature. 

As a result, the circulatory system gets a boost

Cold Showers Can Increase Our Resistance To Common Illnesses

When our body is hit by the cold water during a cold shower, it gets stimulated to produce more leukocytes. 

These are basically blood cells that play a crucial role in the body’s immune system.

This means that taking cold showers basically improves our body’s immunity to disease.  

In fact, one study showed that cold showers could potentially lower cancer risk for exactly this reason. 

Cold Showers May Help To Relieve Depression

There is some evidence to support the fact that cold showers may help to relieve depression symptoms. 

Not only has hydrotherapy long been touted as a remedy for depression, but it’s effectiveness has even been documented in at least one clinical trial. Taking cold showers 2 to 3 times per week that last up to 5 minutes may actually do a lot to help relieve depression symptoms. 

It’s said that even Henry David Thoreau, who dealt with bouts of depression, used to dip into the chilly water of Walden Pond to help manage his mental-health challenges. 

As it turns out, even though it may not sound like a lot of fun—it’s possible that a quick shower in cold water may do a lot more good for your mental health than you ever would have guessed! 

Cold Showers May Help You To Lose Weight

Granted, taking a cold shower alone isn’t going to be a miracle-cure for obesity. 

But, there is some research that shows that taking cold showers can significantly contribute to increased metabolism. And hence, to weight loss. 

In Conclusion

Now, cold showers aren’t a miracle cure. 

But it may be worth experimenting with. 

Who knows? They may catch on as your new favorite thing. 

I mean, the fad must be growing for some reason, right? 



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