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Five Ways To Get Motivated For Monday Morning


Optimal health and wellness require us to be motivated.

And there’s no day that’s more important for this than monday. 

Getting motivated for the week, starting with the first day of the week, helps us to be happier and healthier as we move through life, overcome challenges, and win victories.  Simply put, it’s in our best interest to prepare ourselves for the things we need to do, and inspire ourselves to take action—especially in the beginning of the week. 

Adopting some techniques that help to motivate you at the start of each day is important. 

But it’s even more important on Mondays.

For many people, Monday is the beginning of the work week. 

So in this post, you’re going to learn five techniques that you can use to help keep you motivated to start the week off strong. 

1. Review Your Goals

If you’ve written down your goals, review them first thing in the morning on Monday morning. 

This will help you to align your ambitions with your actions, and get you started off on the right foot. 

2. Listen To Some Motivational Music 

Listening to some music that pumps you up on the way to work or while you’re getting ready for the day can be another fantastic source of motivation.

3. Talk Yourself Up 

Sometimes, looking in the mirror and verbally instructing yourself to get motivated for the day. can be a powerful technique for feeling more inspired.

4. Segment Your Day 

If you think of Monday as the first day in a long week, you’ll be less likely to get motivated. But if you think of Monday as one standalone segmented day wherein you have opportunity to pursue your goals, that can make it feel a lot easier to get and stay motivated about it.

5. Find An Accountability Partner 

Finding an accountability partner to help keep you on track with your goals can be a fantastic motivator. 

This may be especially true on Monday mornings, where you’ll be less likely to be enthusiastic about waking up to start the new work week.

For best results, find someone who can help to keep you on track by checking in and reviewing your progress with you. 

This could be a personal trainer, a life coach, a trusted friend, a colleague, or even a co-worker.

If you’re struggling to find someone to do this for you, consider trading accountability duties with someone else who’s motivated to succeed. 

They’ll likely see the value in it as well, and would love the opportunity to take their success to the next level with you. 


There you go. 

5 methods for helping you to get super motivated for Monday morning. 

Of course, every day is important—and staying motivated each and every day will help you to remain hopeful and optimistic in life. 

And these are great, positive attributes that’ll continue to serve you well as you seek to achieve higher levels of health, wellness, happiness, and success in your life. 

It matters!


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