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David Schwimmer Denies Dating Rumors about Jennifer Aniston


Ross and Rachel were the 90’s most beloved sitcom couple. While the two had a rocky relationship the entirety of the hit show, Friends, fans always rooted for the two to end up together.

Fans also secretly rooted for the two to end up together in real life as well. Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer had such a connection on Friends that fans wanted to see it outside of the television show.

The two never got together and kept their romantic chemistry for the television screen. They both went on to find romantic love interests of their own and the hope for the two to start dating eventually died out… Until now.

In the recent Friends reunion, Jennifer Aniston spilled all for the world to know and admitted there were definitely feelings going on between the two during the filming of the show. Even though they were felt by both Aniston and Schwimmer, those feelings were never acted on.

The hope of the two dating suddenly came back to life with this confession. And now that the two are both single, rumors started to fly that Aniston and Schwimmer reconnected after the reunion and are now dating.

It would be the perfect storyline, almost as if it were written in a hit sitcom, that after years of being friends and having secret feelings that the two finally fell in love when the time was right. And it wouldn’t be too far-fetched after Aniston’s confession on the reunion.

So, naturally, rumors recently began to fly that the two are now dating. This rumor brought back hope for Friends fans who spent decades wishing that the two would make something official.

However, David Schwimmer quickly killed that dream… again. Friends fans hope got crushed all over again just like in the 90’s when the two started dating other people. 

David Schwimmers rep addressed the dating rumors saying that there is no truth behind them. Jennifer Aniston didn’t have a comment on the rumors, but often doesn’t address rumors about her dating life and also Schwimmers answer is probably all fans need.

Key word, “probably.” It probably should be all fans need to hear to not believe the rumors, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Fans aren’t buying the response so easily and still feel there may be a secret relationship going on.

Truth is, the only people who really know the truth are Jenifer Aniston and David Schwimmer, and if they claim they aren’t dating then we have to believe they aren’t dating… for now.


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