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Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Passes Senate Vote


The Senate has passed the bipartisan infrastructure package with support from Republicans and Democrats after many months of negotiations on the issue. The vote took place early Tuesday morning and passed. 

Democratic Majority Leader of the Senate, Chuck Schumer, stated that “The Senate can be proud it has passed this and as we move forward we are proceeding on both tracks. The track of the bipartisan infrastructure proposal, and the track of the budget resolution with reconciliation instructions. On our side of the aisle, we know we need both tracks: one dealing with traditional infrastructure, one dealing with climate and the problems American families face.”

Democrats have now successfully passed bipartisan infrastructure legislation through the Senate and it will likely face very little difficulty as it heads to the House of Representatives. In addition to the infrastructure bill, democrats have hopes of using the reconciliation loophole to pass additional legislation upwards of $3 Trillion. The overwhelming amount of spending may present some issues in the near future, including issues with the debt ceiling. 

While it took a very long time, many observers may be grateful that Republicans and Democrats were able to come to a bipartisan agreement on infrastructure. It seems that much of our country is going to need to be rebuilt in a major way as the pandemic has clearly worn down many parts of America’s internal systems. 


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