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5 Bad Habits That We All Need To Quit Today


Bad habits abound. 

And sometimes, they’re not so easy to notice. 

And this Lifehack article highlights a few common areas where many of us tend to fall short of optimal health and wellness without even realizing it. 

But of course, awareness is half of the game. 

If you become aware of it, odds are good that you can overcome it. 

So in this post, you’re going to learn 5 super common bad habits—some of which you may be guilty of on a day to day basis—so that you can start noticing when they happen, stop them, and level-up your health, wellness, and quality of life. 

Let’s dive in. 

1. Spending Time With Negative People

Do you regularly spend time with naysayers, complainers, pessimists, or otherwise just in-general negative people

If so, this habit could definitely be dragging you down harder than you realize. 

2. Stress Eating

Do you tend to eat when you get stressed out?

This is actually a really bad habit, especially if you tend to eat junk food that’s either fried or full of processed sugar. 

Need a good stress reliever? Pick up something healthy—like talking to a friend, going to the gym, or meditation/journaling. 

3. Smoking

So many people smoke. 

And it’s so bad for you. 

With how much is known about the adverse effect of cigarette and tobacco use, there’s just really no excuse for it. 

It’s time to kick this unhealthy habit to the curb!

4. Drinking Too Much

Now, let’s be real here. 

There’s a reason why alcohol is so popular. 

It’s fun to drink and get tipsy. 

But it’s also true that alcohol is bad for you. 

It causes you to gain weight, it tends to make you do things you wouldn’t otherwise do, and it can really increase your risk for all kinds of health conditions—including heart disease, liver disease, and even certain types of cancer. 

Having a drink now and then isn’t as big of a deal. But drinking too much is seriously bad for you. 

5. Watching TV

Once again—a show or a movie now-and-then isn’t such a big deal. 

But when we’re talking about health and wellness, it’s important to understand that every hour you spend watching TV is an hour taken away from activities that are not only better for you, but that will just in general tend to be a lot more rewarding. 

Instead of watching TV, invite your friends over and go to the park. Or, learn a new skill. Or, join an activity group and hike, play games, or go on adventures. 

There are just so many more rewarding ways to spend your time. Plus, all of that ‘sitting’ is just plain bad for you. 

In Conclusion

There you have it. 

5 habits that are super bad for you, that you should probably try to quit. 

Of course, quitting bad habits isn’t easy. 

But that’s the thing about improving yourself. 

It’s probably not ever going to be easy. 

That’s why these habits are so common. 

If it was easy to quit them, nobody would do them.


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