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What Happens If Trump Runs In 2024?


Many political observers are already starting to wonder what will happen in the world of politics if President Trump decides to run for a second term in 2024. With his incredibly loyal supporters from within the Republican Party, it’s hard to imagine a situation where Trump loses the nomination to a primary challenger.

Even political hopefuls like Nikki Haley and Governor Ron DeSantis realize that Trump would likely become the presumptive nominee before the voting even starts. That’s one of the really impressive things about President Trump is that he has an incredible base of loyal supporters within the Republican Party that will support him under just about any circumstance. 

This base of loyal supporters is part of the reason that he dominated Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election and it’s part of the reason that continues to remain super popular within his party. Trump continues to hold private events and occasional public interviews but has no access to social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. He has recently considered the idea of launching his own social media platform but this could ultimately be months away. 

If Trump runs again in 2024, it would be the third consecutive election with Trump on the ballot as the Republican nominee. He has one victory and one loss and many people close to Trump believe that winning in 2024 could solidify his success in politics and allow him to go out on his own terms while serving the citizens with ‘America First’ economic policies. The only concerns are his age, health, and overall motivation to put himself and his family through the stresses of a political campaign in 2024. 

Only time will tell if Trump is truly considering a run for re-election in 2024 but he has mentioned in recent days that his main focus is on the 2022 midterms where he is expected to do everything in his power to help the Republican Party recapture one of the chambers. Trump has mentioned that he will be endorsing certain candidates that he aligns with, rather than supporting establishment candidates that may not have the public’s best interests in mind.

According to PredictIt, there are several high-profile candidates within the Republican Party that are considering a run in 2024’s election. These candidates include Ron Desantis, Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, Kristi Noem, and Ted Cruz. They would all virtually have no chance of winning in the primary if Trump announced a run in 2024 and that would have a significant impact on the Republican Party’s future.

With Trump remaining popular within the Republican Party, even after the effects of the 2020 election cycle, it’s hard to actually project the political possibilities for either party this far in advance. Biden’s age has become a concern as well and he is already showing signs that he may not be capable of running for reelection in 2024, despite what he’s said in past press conferences. 


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