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2021 NFL Draft: 3 Teams that May Draft Kyle Pitts


Former Florida Gator tight end Kyle Pitts is slated to be at least a Top 10 selection when the 2021 NFL Draft rolls around later this month.  In fact, several NFL scouts have mentioned Pitts as a Top 5 pick.  By most accounts this would mean that Pitts would be taken off the board before any traditional pass catching wide receiver.  

Quarterbacks are all the rage in this year’s draft, but we cannot underestimate how much value a guy like Pitts brings to the table.  What NFL team is the most likely to draft this dynamic weapon?  Here are three possible teams that could make Pitts a very wealthy 20-year old.

  1. Dallas Cowboys at Pick #10

Even casual football fans know that the Cowboys main weakness is their defense.  The logical thing for Dallas to do is to draft a quality cover corner like Patrick Surtain II out of Alabama.  However, Jerry Jones does not always follow logic and at times he gets enamored with big time offensive producers.

Pitts fits that mold and then some as he is absolutely huge at 6-6 and 240 pounds.  Could you imagine how powerful the ‘Boys offense would be with Dak Prescott, Zeke Elliott, Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, CeeDee Lamb, and a powerful tight end like Pitts (Bleacher Report)?  An offense like that would cause all NFL defensive coordinators to lose lots of sleep at night!

The key question is whether Pitts will still be available at pick number ten.  The answer is, “probably not”.  Perhaps Jerry and the brain trust can engineer a trade with the Bengals and acquire the #5 selection.  This would give Dallas a much greater chance of landing Pitts.

  1. Miami Dolphins at Pick #6

A few well known mock drafts have the Dolphins taking either a wideout or a tight end with the sixth overall pick.  If those predictions are correct, Pitts would fit in nicely with the Fish.  Many NFL executives have stated that Pitts is not only the best tight end in this year’s draft but also the best receiver as well.

The Dolphins front office is focused on getting second year QB Tua Tagovailoa some more downfield weapons.  Taking a huge 6-6 target with blazing speed like Pitts makes the most sense if that is Miami’s main goal this preseason.  Pitts knows how to find the end zone as he caught 12 touchdowns in only eight games last year for Florida.

  1. Atlanta Falcons at Pick #4

The most logical destination for Pitts and his boatload of talent is with the Falcons.  Atlanta fans probably hate to admit this but Julio Jones is showing signs of aging and is more injury prone than ever.  The “Dirty Birds” need to give veteran QB Matt Ryan another go-to guy besides youngster Calvin Ridley.

Though no one can predict the future, especially on draft day, most folks agree that the top three picks will be quarterbacks.  If the consensus is correct, that means that Pitts will be available at number four and the Falcons will jump at the chance to draft such a talented player.


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