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3 Important Steps To Leveling-Up Your Health During Busy Times

We’re all busy. 

In fact, if there’s one thing you can absolutely count on, it’s the fact that there’s always more to do. 

You may be busy with work, chores, keeping up with the kids, or finding new income possibilities post-pandemic. 

You may also be struggling to figure out how you’re going to get and stay fit and healthy in the midst of the ‘busy-ness’ of your post-lockdown life. 

Well, in a recent post that was published on, the story of a man named Frank Wells gives us some insider information into how one 29-year-old man succeeded not only in losing weight (240 pounds worth, to be exact), but also in kicking his drinking/drug habit at the same time! 

What was his secret?

Here’s what you need to know.  

The 3 Things Frank Wells Did To Lose 240 Pounds And Get Sober 

According to the post, Frank Wells was like a lot of people.

He started off enjoying good southern food, and enjoyed eating plenty of it

But over time, he just gained too much weight, and didn’t like how his body looked or felt. 

He also developed a bit of a drinking and drug-use habit. 

But, he managed to turn it around; and it all started when he started taking spin classes at a local cycling bar. 

Today, he’s 240 pounds lighter, and has kicked his drinking/drug habits. 

He looks and feels better than ever. And these are the three things he did to really succeed at overcoming his limiting beliefs and achieving the kind of ‘success’ he had always dreamed of. 

  1. He stopped comparing himself to others
  2. He didn’t give up
  3. He made it fun

Why Do These Steps Matter?

Here’s the thing. 

Losing weight, transforming your body, and replacing unhealthy habits with healthy habits aren’t necessarily ‘easy things to do.’

This is especially true if you’re a busy person!

But what Frank Wells did was actually really important. 

He changed a lot of his foundational limiting behaviors, and managed to create a different destiny for his life by transforming how he perceived himself and the task in front of him. 

The real truth of it is that most of us have 100 excuses for why we haven’t made important health and wellness changes to our lives. 

But within these 3 steps, we find a basis for success that just may work for anyone. 

1. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

Simple enough, right?

When you don’t compare yourself to others, you won’t get as discouraged when you see other people succeeding. 

Just try to be a little bit better today than you were yesterday. 

Compare yourself to your past self, not to anyone else. 

2. Don’t Give Up

You can put together the best plans in the world, and start off super strong. 

But guess what?

It won’t matter for anything unless you stick with it

Frank Wells managed to drop 240 pounds because he refused to give up. 

He also had a lot of support, and his spin class teachers were constantly urging him to come back to class. 

In the end, it all paid off. 

3. Make It Fun

Personally, I despise running. 

So every fitness plan I made that included ‘running’ always flopped. 

But I love walking. 

So guess what happened when I built a fitness plan around that?

I lost 4 pounds in just two weeks, and am still going strong!

See, enjoyment matters. Making it fun gives you the strength to keep going, even when you normally wouldn’t feel like it. 

In Conclusion

Hopefully, this post has helped you to understand that building healthy habits requires you to take three simple steps. 

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others
  2. Don’t give up
  3. Make it fun

If you can do these three things, the world (and your own health and fitness) will truly become your oyster… regardless of how busy you are. 


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