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Vice President Harris Will Finally Pay A Trip To The Border


A major crisis is progressively deteriorating under the Biden administration as the US-Mexican border continues to be flooded with new migrants that are attempting to enter the United States illegally. In addition to the worsening crisis, Vice President Kamala Harris hasn’t made a single trip to the border up to this point to address the issue.

She will finally make her first visit to the border at the end of this week as she continues to face criticism for turning a blind eye on the border issue. She will pay a visit to El Paso on Friday as more criticism comes in from her Republican opponents. 

The Biden Administration has faced a ton of criticism in regards to border policy. A few months ago, they were accused of preventing the media from entering border facilities to capture the scenes going on inside. As Republicans continue to call out the lack of attention to the border, the Biden Administration is trying to balance several key issues relating to the border without actually paying a visit.

It’s unclear exactly what kind of message Kamala Harris will send when she arrives to speak in El Paso on Friday. Some observers believe that she will try and downplay the crisis, although it’s anyone’s guess until she actually shows up and delivers her remarks.

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