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Eric Adams Appears To Be Winning The New York City Mayor Election


There was a point in time where former Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang was the favorite to become New York City’s next mayor, but now Eric Adams appears to be winning the election, according to primary election results and political betting markets that analyze every aspect of the election.

Andrew Yang has already conceded after placing below several other candidates on the ballot. Eric Adams has a sizable lead up to this point, but the ranked choice voting format could still affect the election results.

Even by taking a look at the portion of results that have already come in at this point, it’s quite clear that Eric Adams is a heavy-favorite and by far the most-likely candidate to become New York City’s next mayor. This is quite a shocker to a candidate like Andrew Yang, who originally was the favorite to win many months ago.

As additional results slowly come in, Eric Adams lead will be tested, although it appears that the current margins will be more than sufficient to grant him the primary victory. He currently enjoys approximately 32% of the vote, while his most competitive opponent, Maya Wiley, trails him by just more than 9% in the first round of voting.


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