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Texas Supreme Court Declares That It Is Constitutional To Arrest House Democrats For Their Absence


Governor Abbott of Texas has been calling for the return of the Texas House Democrats who fled to Washington D.C. to avoid passing legislation that would enhance voter security in the state of Texas. 

The Texas Supreme Court has declared that it is constitutional to force the attendance of the elected officials if they refuse to show up. This means that arresting the members of congress who are refusing to return to the capital is allowed under Texas law. 

This is the second consecutive special session that Governor Abbott has had to call due to the continuous refusal from the Texas House Democrats. No arrests have been made yet and it’s still unclear if Republican legislators are interested in forcing arrest against the absent officials. 

The Texas Supreme Court ruling comes only a short while after it was announced that the Texas Governor had tested positive for COVID-19. Abbott was apparently vaccinated and had a breakthrough case of COVID-19. He is currently being treated for mild symptoms according to sources. 

It seems as if it’s only a matter of time until the voter legislation passes in the state of Texas. The Democrats that have continued to drag this process out have done an effective job at delaying the passing of legislation. Though their time is running out as there are only so many things that they can do until they are forced to pass the legislation one way or another. 

The new ruling from the Texas Supreme Court takes a few of their final options away from them and if they don’t show up to the capital soon to take part in the vote, they will likely be arrested and forcefully brought in if they do not comply. Only time will tell exactly how this is going to play out but they did manage to create a lot of headaches for Republican House Members in Texas. 


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