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Ariana Grande Announces that Kristen Chenoweth Will be her Battle Advisor for The Voice


Ariana Grande will be joining The Voice as a coach this season. She will be sitting next to John Legend, Blake Shelton, and Kelly Clarkson in the show’s 21st season.

With Ariana Grande being a new addition to the show, The Voice is definitely going to get a lot of new viewers. For those not familiar with The Voice, each celebrity coach also gets a celebrity battle advisor to join them and help them coach their stars and prepare them for the Battle rounds.

It has just been announced that Ariana Grande’s battle advisor this season will be no other than Broadway star, Kristen Chenoweth. Chenoweth will be joining Grande to help coach her team and give them a few lessons in singing before they hit the stage for battle.

Let’s just say, these two powerhouse vocalists will not have any trouble coaching others on singing. Anyone on Ariana Grande’s team should feel pretty confident in the coach and the advisor that they have.

Chenoweth joining Ariana as a battle advisor is no coincidence though. The two go way back… way way back. When Ariana Grande was only 10 years old, she actually went backstage after Chenoweth’s Broadway performance of Wicked, and sang for the Broadway star. Chenoweth saw the talent immediately and knew the little girl would become a star one day and gave her the advice to “follow her passion.” 

Fast forward many years later, the two are actually working together now to give other young, aspiring artists words of advice in hopes they will fulfill their dreams as well. Ariana Grande certainly did.

Over the years Grande and Chenoweth have sung duets together, bonded with one another, and just mesh so well that they are bound to make the perfect team. Chenoweth didn’t hesitate at the opportunity when asked to join team Ari.

Chenoweth is not only excited to help advise the team Grande picked, but she also thinks Ariana did a great job at selecting her team. Chenoweth said, “With all due respect to all of the coaches, and I’m a huge fan of all of them, Ariana has been wise in her selection and she has every single category out there.” Chenoweth continued, “There’s not one that don’t fit in.”

Looks like the two have major confidence going into the battle round with their team, but we will have to wait until September 20th when The Voice airs to see for ourselves how Team Ari is built and will make out in the battle rounds.


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