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New Texas Law Bans Abortions After 6 Weeks of Pregnancy


A new Texas law will ban abortion after approximately six weeks of pregnancy. This new abortion law is considered to be one of the strictest abortion laws anywhere in America right now.

At least up to this point, no federal courts have struck down the new law in Texas. It’s unclear if the law will be taken down at any point in the future by the federal court system. Some protestors believe the new Texas law is in clear violation of Roe v. Wafe, while others believe quite the opposite.

The new conservative-leanign Supreme Court had the opportunity to strike down the new abortion law in Texas, but it appears that they have passed on that opportunity. While it’s still possible they could take action, it seems unlikely at best.

If no action is ultimately taken, it won’t be surprising to see a large collection of other states following in Texas’ footsteps. There are dozens of states that would love to enact similar abortion legislation that places substantial restrictions against abortions.

Many groups that support the new law banning abortions after six weeks are celebrating a victory this week as they believe the Supreme Court’s inaction indicates a shift in momentum when taking a look at the larger scale of Roe v. Wade. This law will spark nationwide momentum to enact more laws similar to this abortion ban.

With that being said, the entire nation could look very different in twelve months if Texas successfully starts a chain reaction effect of new abortion bans across the country.


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