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The Drama for Scott Continues After His DM about Kourtney was Exposed


Scott Disick recently DM’d Younes Bendjima about Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s PDA packed photos from their trip to Italy. Scott messaged Younes saying “Yo is this chick ok!???? Broooo like what is this. In the middle of Italy.”

Younes, not being a fan of Scott, was not in the mood. He replied, “Doesn’t matter to me as long as she’s happy. PS: I ain’t your bro.” Younes didn’t stop there, he went on to publicly share a screenshot of their conversation to his Instagram story, completely exposing Scott.

This was not a good look for Scott. Especially with the fact that he and Kourtney have three kids together that they still try to coparent. The two have always tried to work through their problems and remain friends for the kids sake, so the last thing the two need is tension. 

Younes posting Scott’s true feelings about Kourtney to his IG story however is definitely a good way to create tension. Scott should have probably kept those thoughts to himself, or if he were going to confide in someone, it probably shouldn’t have been Kourtney’s other ex that he publicly talked badly about. 

After this incident initially happened, Kourtney and Travis were silent and continued on enjoying their romantic trip in Italy. However, the tea started to heat up a little later with some subtle hints that they in fact saw the messages. 

Travis and Kourtney have not directly responded to Scott’s comments, but they began shading him which is almost in a way worse. After Younes released the screenshot of the DM’s, Travis later posted on his Instagram story a screenshot from the movie Goodfellas, showing one of the characters hysterically laughing.

Kourtney went on to share an article on her personal account from her popular lifestyle website, Poosh, with the caption, “How to get over someone who treated you badly.” The article was originally shared on the Poosh Instagram account soon after the DM’s were exposed explaining “how to get over someone who isn’t worth your time.” 

Clearly, Kourtney and Travis have their opinions about Scott’s most recent move, but they would rather address it in their own subtle way. And what better way to address your ex talking bad about you to your other ex than by promoting your own website!

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