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California Sports Betting Will Be On The Ballot In 2022


One of the largest political issues within the jurisdiction of California is the idea of legalizing sports betting and exactly how to accomplish that task. Millions of citizens within the state are already taking advantage of sports betting on off-shore websites that are unregulated. In recent years, continuous repetitive efforts have been made to try and legalize sports betting in some way, although everyone who holds a piece of the pie within the state disagrees on how exactly to accomplish that task.

Horse tracks, tribal casinos, and other similar venues all want sports betting to be restricted to their venues. This means no mobile sports betting, but rather just in-person wagering. This would severely restrict the concept of sports betting in the state of California and hold back an extraordinary amount of potential, according to several experts. 

The biggest problem with this proposal is that it restricts who can operate and host sports betting. There’s absolutely no consideration for online digital methods to place a sports wager, meaning that users will continue using unregulated betting platforms to place their wagers unless they have a reason to travel to a local in-person facility to place their wagers. 

Only time will tell if the proposal will pass in November of 2022, but having the initiative qualify is a major victory for those who will benefit from this restricted sports betting legislation within the state of California. 


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