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As Memorial Day Arrives, Biden Struggles With Tough Policy Choices


Memorial Day in 2021 has finally arrived, and Joe Biden continues to struggle with various policy decisions that have plagued his early months in office as the 46th President. These policy decisions relate to the border wall, the economy, and the infrastructure bill. 

Biden’s political party is also trying to fight off a series of election reformation proposals across many states that call for stricter voter ID laws and enhanced election security.

His administration continues to struggle with these concepts as the midterms approach in 2022. The exact trajectory for Biden’s administration in the next several weeks is not clear, but time is ticking and his narrow majorities in the House of Representatives and Senate Chambers are fading away as the likelihood of Republicans doing well in 2022 increases. 

Biden has recently prioritized the infrastructure legislation that is being negotiated between Republicans and Democrats. At this exact moment in time, there doesn’t really look like there’s enough agreement for anything to actually get done. This may force Biden to explore the ‘different path’ that he has mentioned in recent weeks. 



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