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Selena Gomez Taking Over TikTok


A lot of famous stars take their shot at making TikTok videos, but oftentimes it just comes off cringey and unrelatable. However, Selena Gomez is taking TikTok by storm by actually making trendy videos and not being so “cringe.”

Selena Gomez has taken her stab at TikTok and her videos are getting millions of likes. Maybe it’s because the TikTok generation grew up watching Selena on ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ and are feeling nostalgic, or maybe it’s because her videos are actually entertaining.

Usually when a popular star makes a TikTok, it can come off as an attempt to just try and stay cool. However, Gomez makes videos with a carefree spirit and it’s obvious she isn’t trying too hard, she is just having fun and being herself.

Being herself indeed. Or even, imitating her younger self and being able to crack a joke at her own expense. In her most recent TikTok, Selena Gomez decided to lip sync over a sound of her younger self doing an interview at a Teen Vogue party in 2007 and it was kind of comical.

In the original audio and video, a younger Selena Gomez can be seen doing an interview right before she attended the Teen Vogue party back in 2007. When asked about her look for the night, she started explaining why she chose to dye some of her hair blue.

She said, “Got some blue going on!” She continued to say she likes a little “edge and pop” in her hair and explained how she’s all ready for the Teen Vogue party.

Usually when we see old videos of our younger selves and watch ourselves on camera, it can make us recoil because of how awkward we may have been at a young age. Then we make sure no one ever sees that video.

However, famous stars like Selena Gomez don’t get the luxury of keeping old, embarrassing videos a secret. So, when the funny video started surfacing and trending on TikTok, Selena Gomez took it in stride.

In her most recent TikTok, Selena can be seen mimicking herself from the interview back in 2007 and making funny faces from some of the cringey things she was saying and how she was saying it. She is also holding a rainbow wig in the new video, almost resembling the irony from when she said her little tiny streak of blue gave her an “edge.”

Selena captioned the TikTok, “To my younger self: You’re not cool bro.” The video racked up 3.2 million likes in just a span of nine hours. Clearly, the people of TikTok love an unproblematic star who isn’t afraid to make fun of herself every now and then and knows how to be light hearted.


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