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Playboi Carti Teases a New Album Drop


Playboi Carti teased a potential new album drop, leaving fans reeling. The artist hinted at a new album in an Instagram post yesterday.

Writing in what the rapper’s fanbase would refer to as his signature font, Carti captioned the post, “LeTs dr0p thiS new Album . w3 noT done .” (Let’s drop this new album. We are not done.). Along with the caption, he posted a series of photos sporting an all-white outfit.

Following his latest album released in December, Carti was hit with mixed reviews on his current style. While some fans loved the album’s different sound and direction, other fans were quick to write the project off as a significant ‘flop.’ 

The Atlanta rapper released his debut album Die Lit on May 11, 2018, announcing a few teasers about his sophomore album’s upcoming drop in August of the same year. However, the project didn’t end up getting released until nearly three years later.

The artist recently dropped his sophomore album, Whole Lotta Red, back in December 2020. He released the solo material after years of keeping his fans waiting. 

“I’m ready. I’m more ready than y’all,” Carti said about the album. “I’m trying to prove to these folks that I can rap. I got bars. That’s what Whole Lotta Red is about.”

The title for the album was revealed in August of 2018. Playboi Carti was recorded talking about the project. The title refers to his affiliation with the Bloods and his keenness for codeine-promethazine syrup, also known as lean.

The project featured collaborations with artists like Trippie Redd and Gunna. Kanye West and Mathew Williams worked as the executive producers on the project. The cover art was shared in an Instagram post on December 21, 2020, along with the official release date.

Carti had initially wanted to release the album in late 2019, announcing the decision during one of his performances at  The Rave / Eagles Club back on July 28, 2019. However, the release date ended up getting pushed back until late 2020. Carti stated on Instagram on November 23, 2020, that he had turned in the album to his label.

Regarding his new album, we can’t be sure when, or if, on that matter, Carti will drop the new album based on the delayed release of Whole Lotta Red. He doesn’t quite have a reputable history of security, still having not released the sophomore album’s deluxe version. 

The post regarding “thiS new Album” doesn’t necessarily entail that it will be released anytime soon. Time will tell what the rapper has in store for his fans.


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