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Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco Take a Trip to Six Flags Great Adventure to Help Get Into Character


Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson are currently filming for a new romcom, Meet Cute, in which they star in together as a couple. The two are really dedicated to their craft and are spending a lot of time together trying to get into character, but it appears they may just be good friends as well now. 

Most recently, the two took a trip to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. There’s no better bonding experience than forcing one another on scary rides they don’t want to go on! At least, that’s Pete Davidson’s thought process. 

Kaley Cuoco shared a video to her Instagram story of the two strapped into a slingshot ride at the theme park that shoots you straight up into the air waiting to be launched. Cuoco made it clear that she was NOT a fan of it and going on the ride was clearly Davidson’s idea.

Kaley Cuoco said she was peer pressured into going on the ride and she really appeared to not want to be on it. She captioned the video of the two waiting on the ride, “When Petey peer pressures me into the scariest ride of my life…” 

She also wrote over that video, “If you listen closely you will hear the words ‘Pete I hate you so much.’” The star did not look happy as the anticipation grew waiting for the ride to start. Davidson on the other hand had a big smile on his face ear to ear.

Cuoco posted a second video of the two on the ride that showed them getting catapulted to the sky. In the video you can hear another “I hate you so much Pete why are you doing this to me,” as the two get launched up into the air. 

Kaley Cuoco did not like the ride as she felt that maybe it was too far out of her comfort zone. Cuoco is more of a flying elephants ride fan, so she had Davison enjoy a ride around on them after she had to experience the “scariest ride of her life.”

Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco have a major different taste in amusement park rides, but the two are dedicated to their craft of getting into character, so they both compromised. Hopefully, their day trip to SIx Flags Great Adventure helped them get more into character and bettered them for their movie, otherwise Cuoco did all of that suffering on the catapult ride for nothing.


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