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Novice Music Artists’ Struggles During COVID-19

Image Jack Miller’s (Chaos Amadeus) mini-albu

Young, local music artists are working harder than ever to build momentum in the industry. Staying productive while obeying covid guidelines has proven to be challenging for artists. Limited social interaction hinders studio booking, recording sessions, and in-person collaborations.

Many artists are brainstorming ways to work around the limitations. Reid Summers, a 21-year-old rapper in Des Moines, IA, started out in the industry as a lyricist. 

“Ever since I was eight, I’ve been fascinated by the art of lyricism,” Summers said. “My constant focus and dedication to it have made my pursuit as a rapper even more intense. Ever since I fell in love with it, I’ve wanted nothing more than to share my art with the world.”

Summers has spent a few years focusing solely on lyricism. Some methods he said he likes to use to improve his technique are freestyling, switching up flow, and writing different kinds of poems. Although he loves lyricism, the financial and social impacts of covid have made him reconsider his approach.

“A few months ago, I decided to learn ’bout audio and music production more in-depth,” Summers explained. “My goal is to master these skills and combine them with my lyricism so I can, one, save money, and two, limit my socialization.” 

Many of these young artists have started taking on multiple aspects of the industry. Artists with this skillset can refrain from seeking out help from others who focus solely on one. 

Summers currently has a couple of songs released on Spotify under the moniker L0V3. The two singles are Love Letter and Fl0w3rs. He said he is reworking some old songs and trying to finish some new projects as well.

Another struggle people in the music industry are facing is staying motivated. Artist and Iowa State University alum Jack Miller says he often battles with himself to stay positive.

“Honestly, it’s been a little hard for me to stay positive all the time since corona hit,” Miller said. “Having to live such a limiting life so randomly had thrown off my groove a bit. I’ve adjusted a lot more since last year, though, so I’m figuring out what works for me.”

Millers tries to get outdoors when he can. He says his mind becomes cloudy and dark when he is constantly inside.

“In the end, it’s up to you to change your mentality,” Miller said. “You have to want to find the positives in life. Staying inside 24/7 and being unproductive won’t get you anywhere, trust me.”

Miller says he focuses on self-improvement and spiritual growth to uplift his mentality. He works on music production and songwriting under the moniker Chaos Amadeus. The producer recently released his first mini-album on Spotify titled Opportunity.

Miller graduated from Iowa State University in 2019 with a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering.


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