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Nick Jonas Recovering From Bike Accident Over the Weekend


It had been reported over the weekend that Nick Jonas, ⅓ of the Jonas Brothers, had been hospitalized after sustaining injuries from an accident on set of a project. It was never disclosed exactly how the accident occurred or how serious the injuries were.

However, fans were relieved to see Jonas in his regular seat as a judge on “The Voice” Monday night. It was previously unclear if Nick was going to make it to “The Voice’ after the reports of his injury over the weekend, but when he appeared on the show everyone was happy to see that he was ok.

The incident over the weekend was kept under wraps to the public for a few days. The only information that was given was that he had been hospitalized, so fans were definitely on edge to know if he was seriously hurt or not.

Nick Jonas looked just as good as ever on Monday night for “The Voice”. Although he looked completely fine, he did explain for the first time since the reports that he was a little banged up and not 100%.

After being asked by “The Voice” host, Carson Daily, how he was feeling at the beginning of the show, the ‘Spaceman’ singer went on to clear the air about the incident and what exactly happened, but ultimately made it clear he was ok.

Jonas responded, “I’ve been better, but I’m doing all right. Cracked rib from a spill on a bike and a few other bumps and bruises. But I just want to go ahead and say that, in case I’m not as physically enthusiastic as I usually am.”

It’s not new news that Nick Jonas is a big motorcycle guy. He has previously expressed his love for motorcycles and has even been recorded doing wheelies on his bike as he enters the set of “The Voice”.

It was good news to learn that Nick did not get seriously hurt on his bike. Clearly the Jonas Brother was in some pain though because he was holding his side as he talked and moved around. However, the injuries weren’t too major and he was able to power through for the sake of the show. 

It was also obvious the singer wasn’t in too much pain to still make a few jokes and banter with his co-star, Blake Shelton. As Shelton does on the show, he has very smart comments to the other judges, but it’s all out of good fun.

Jonas asked Shelton if he “could not make him laugh as much because it hurts to laugh”. 

Sheldon quickly responded that Jonas was “just trying to get sympathy votes”. While Jonas laughed it off and said “Yeah, a big elaborate plan”, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea. I mean everyone is already a “Sucker” for Nick Jonas, a little sympathy is to be expected. 

Ultimately, fans and also the other judges on the show were glad to see him ok and back in action. They all welcomed him back and the show went on per usual. 


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