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Melissa and Joe Gorga GIve Their Daughter, Antonia, Sweet Sixteen of her Dreams


Real Housewives of New Jersey stars, Melissa and Joe Gorga have proved on the reality TV show for years that when they plan a party, they plan it big. Whether it be for one of their three children, or a birthday party for Melissa Gorga herself, they never do it small.

When it comes to Sweet 16’s, one of the biggest birthday celebrations in general, the Gorga’s recently just showed they go even more above and beyond. Their first born and only daughter, Antonia Gorga, just turned 16 on August 12th. And if you think the Gorga’s didn’t throw her a party of a lifetime, think again.

The theme of the party was all pink and was held at Felina restaurant and events, an italian restaurant that also has a beautiful party hall for large events. Antonia Gorga wore a long, pink, sparkly dress from Castle Couture looking like a princess, which she in fact was celebrated like one that evening. 

Antonia walked out to her guests as they applauded the birthday girl to pumped up music and then stood in front of a huge sign that had her name in lights. Once she arrived in front of the sign, all white fireworks shot up in the background, looking like something out of a dream. 

The rest of the venue was beautifully decorated with pink, white, and gold balloons, flowers and small trees on tables, and an amazing white rose flower wall that served as a backdrop for pictures for the night. 

The event was set up by SCE Event Group and the music was brought to the guests by DJs Jeff Scott Gould, Michael McHugh, Jason Jani, and percussionist Crystal Vargas. The decor and flower wall which helped add the beauty to the evening were set up by Treemendous Florist Events and Once Wed Walls. 

While there were many people involved in completing this night to make it something out of a movie, the ones who made it all happen for their daughter were Melissa and Joe Gorga. As seen in the show, nothing is more important to the Gorga’s than family.

From posts on Instagram of the night, Antonia Gorga had a huge smile on her face and was having an amazing night. With her whole family by her side, including her aunt Teresa Guidice and the rest of the Guidice girls, and all of her friends, Antonia’s Sweet Sixteen was a night to remember.


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