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Machine Gun Kelly Does Surprise Performance of Lollapalooza


This year’s Lollapalooza setlist was jam packed with the most popular stars. It included superstars such as Post Malone, Miley Cyrus, Meg Thee Stallion, Tyler The Creator, and more. However, someone fans were not expecting to see was Machine Gun Kelly. 

That is until MGK popped up on one of the stages at the festival for a surprise performance. This impromptu set left fans scrambling and running to the stage he was on to get the chance to see him perform.

On July 31st, the third day of the festival, MGK made an appearance for fans to see him live. While he was not on the setlist for Lollapalooza, he earlier in the day posted an Instagram story of him leaving a private jet with the geotag “Chicago.”

This had fans wondering why MGK would be in the city and posting it publicly, the same exact time and place that Lollapalooza was happening. Just a short amount of time later, Machine Gun Kelly stepped out on the Bud Light Seltzer Sessions side stage at the festival for an unannounced performance.
It didn’t take long for fans and festival goers to flood in and crowd the stage he was performing at. Fans ran over from all different areas of the festival as quickly as they could as soon as they caught word of MGK’s surprise performance. 

The Bud Light Seltzer Sessions venue was designed for more intimate performances and smaller crowds, but when MGK showed up that all changed. According to Billboard, MGK apparently drew a crowd that was “20 times bigger” than the side stage was meant for.

After drawing a crowd of that size completely off a whim, Machine Gun Kelly had no other option than to put on a show to remember for Lollapalooza. MGK put on a “parkour” type of performance, where the rockstar climbed all over the set and even to the top rails while performing. 

He played a 10 song setlist that included popular songs of his like “Bloody Valentine” and “My Ex’s Best Friend.” He also did a cover of the ever so popular Paramore song, “Misery Business.” 

Of course, MGK brought along the one and only Megan Fox, who seems to steal some of the show everytime she comes. She spectated her boyfriend from higher ground that was sectioned off from the tightly squeezed crowd, as fans also chanted her name once spotted.

Machine Gun Kelly has been on fire lately from his edgy performances, to his spicy appearances with his notoriously famous girlfriend, Megan Fox. It was no surprise that MGK’s surprise set drew a crowd of that size because he is guaranteed to rock the stage every time he gets on it.


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