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Is Pasta Really Bad For You? Here’s The Truth


Diet is a big factor in overall health and wellness. 

In fact, the foods that we put into our bodies are what give us our vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. 

If we fail to nourish our bodies properly, we’re going to struggle to look, feel, and perform at our best. 

And so, it’s obvious that some foods just aren’t going to be as good for you. 

But which foods are they? And what should you eat?

You’ve probably heard people say that pasta is pretty much ‘all carbs,’ and that it doesn’t really give you any notable levels of nutrients. 

But is this correct? Or is this more of a wives’ tale?

In this post, you’re going to learn the truth about pasta

Hey, we all love pasta. 

It’s delicious, and it goes with nearly everything. 

But here’s the big question. 

Are noodles good for you, or should you shy away from them if you want a highly optimized diet?

Let’s dig in and get to the bottom of it. 

Is Pasta Good Or Bad For You? The Basics

Alright. Let’s start off with the basic stuff. 

First off, pasta is definitely high in carbs. That much is true. 

This means that it can be bad for you if you eat a lot of it too often. 

Pasta also has gluten in it, which may be an issue for gluten-sensitive people. 

But on the flipside of the coin, pasta can, in moderation, provide some essential nutrients, and generally be considered a healthy part of a well-balanced diet. 

But as it turns out, the type of pasta may be a bigger factor here than anything. 

Why The Type Of Pasta Matters

Here’s the thing. 

Pasta used to be made from durum wheat. 

But nowadays, it can be made using a variety of other materials, including:

  • Common wheat
  • Rice
  • Barley
  • Buckwheat

Now, here’s where things get tricky. 

Some types of pasta are refined during processing. This means that the wheat kernels used are stripped of the bran and the germ, which basically makes the noodles taste a bit better, but at the expense of losing out on the vast majority of the nutrients. 

Some noodles are then ‘enriched,’ meaning that essential nutrients are added back in. 

But this still generally doesn’t give you the kind of nutrient-rich option you’d get from eating regular whole-grain pasta. 

Whole grain pasta is considered the healthiest type of pasta because the wheat used still contains the bran and germ. 

This means that it still contains the vital nutrients that make it beneficial to your health, and a balanced part of your diet. 

What Pasta Should You Eat?

At the end of the day, whipping up some whole grain pasta, as opposed to refined pasta, is considered a healthier option. This type of pasta contains fewer calories and carbs, and is higher in fiber and vital nutrients. 

It’s also just more natural, which is always a good thing when we’re talking about health, wellness, and food.


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