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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are Expecting Baby Number Two


Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are expecting their second child together! It was recently revealed that Kylie Jenner is pregnant and the famous duo will be expecting baby number two with one another.

Jenner and Scott had their first daughter, Stormi, back in 2018. Stormi, who is now 3, is going to be a big sister and sources say that she can not wait for it. 

A source close to Jenner told E! News that, “Stormi is fully aware there is a baby coming and she is so excited.” Kylie Jenner always wanted to give Stormi a few more siblings, just like she had growing up, and now Stormi is finally going to get to be an older sister. 

While Kylie and Travis have not revealed the pregnancy news themselves yet, close sources around them confirmed that Kylie is in fact pregnant. Now, all we need is a grand reveal from Kylie in true Kardashian/Jenner style.

Although the two may be expecting together, the status of their relationship is also not confirmed either. The two broke up back in 2019 and there has never been any confirmation of them dating again ever since.

Even though the two never confirmed if they are officially dating again or not, they have seemed to mend their relationship and be working on things since their split back in 2019. The two have always stayed close for their daughter, Stormi, in an attempt to keep a normal family life for her. 

The family of three always spent time together and went on family outings with one another despite the couple’s relationship status. They felt that being all together with one another was important for Stormi and always put their daughter first.

Now, a few years later, it is reported that the two may still not be “officially” dating, but they are definitely giving it another shot with each other romantically. 

Another shot for sure, as the two are now expecting a baby together. Even though there doesn’t have to be an official label on the status of their relationship, attempting to give it another shot romantically and expecting a baby together is as close to dating as a couple could get. 

One thing about Kylie and Travis is that they have always had nothing but respect and love for one another and kept their family together no matter the status of their relationship. So, even if there isn’t an official title on their relationship for them, it seems to be working out just the way they want it to. 

Who knows, becoming an “official” couple again can still remain very much a possibility for the two. It appears there are high hopes of that with their recent news of Kylie’s pregnancy. However, until then, they will all still remain a happy family and Stormi will soon be a big sister.


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